Building land for sale in Trogir ZeTr-931

  • Sale 1 200 000 €
  • ID: ZeTr-931
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  • 7.950 m2 The total land area


  • 7.950 m2
  • East-West
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Building land for sale in Trogir

ID: ZeTr-931

The building plot is located in the business zone of Trogir and it is planned to build a commercial-business building.

Plot is going to be approaching on the west side of the complex by the road. There are two walking-driving entrances to the land plot. The northern runs to the plateau in front of the building where a parking for 54 cars is planned and the entrance to the ground floor level. The south which leads to the underground garage with 79 parking spaces. The garage is maximally opened to the visitor to achieve a better visual connection and therefore better usement of the underground garage is being achieved. Approach to a garage slope is 5-7%. The parking spaces are 270x500cm. In the basement, besides the garage, there are also technical facilities, storages and vertical communications.

The access for the delivery vans is possible on the southern part of the plot. Delivery vehicles will use the road leading to the garage and through it continue to the eastern side of the building where the storage rooms are located. The adjustable access slides down 2 meters below the garage (to achieve a suitable height in the basement for truck access> 4.5m). Above the basement is the main corpus of the building, where the shopping facilities are located. The pedestrian entrance is possible from the west side via the parking lot and the large entrance terrace (partially shaded by a pergola partially covered) or walkways, lifts and staircases from the basement. The main floor space (ground floor) is functionally divided into the north commercial part consisting of a large self-service, catering facility and markets, the southern part where vertical communications are located and from it it is possible to look at the airport and the east part where there are auxiliary self-service rooms. For the shopping center, to attract the looks from the road, above the ground floor on the northern side of the building along the almost entire plot is the upper blend that has the purpose of visual communication with the surrounding area.

The shape of the building stems by the purpose of the building, but also the vicinity of the airport.

The sale price is 1 200 000 euro.


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