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Our experience in working with clients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, our knowledge of the buying property procedure and our reliable partners in Croatia will help you to buy real estate quickly and easily!

Issues related to ownership and property rights in Croatia are regulated by the Law of ownership and  other property rights.

The right of foreigners according to this law:

EU citizens have the right to buy a property in Croatia under the same conditions as citizens of Croatia.

For Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan citizens have entered into force:

Citizens of these countries can apply for the ownership of real estate in Croatia like a legal person or a company.

A property with registration of ownership as an individual person:

- Signed contract of sale of real estate

- Paid in full obligations under the agreement, transaction costs of registration, including agency commission.

Then, contact your authorized lawyer, which gives a power of attorney on your behalf to request approval of the Ministry of Justice the Republic of Croatia to purchase property as an individual.

After obtaining the consent of the Ministry of Justice the Republic of Croatia, is the step to property rights in the Court Register, both documents are submitted to the tax office.

In case of not obtaining consent from the Ministry of Justice the Republic of Croatia (which, remember, has not happened in practice) without any problems, you can renew the contract of sale to the registered company. If all documentation is submitted and all goes according to the established procedure, the period of getting approval and agreement of purchase and sale real estate to an individual usually lasts from 3 to 4 months.

EXPENSES for buying property as individual person:

1. Purchase tax 3%

2. Lawyer 1% + VAT

3. Agency commission 3%

4. Payment of counsel, upon receiving an approval of the real estate sale from the Ministry of Justice the Republic of Croatia (by agreement).


BUYING PROPERTY IN CROATIA as legal person (company):

A legal person has to be registered in the territory of Croatia. Foreigner may act as founders or directors of companies.

Legal form of registered companies – LLC

At the time of the signing the constituent documents all founders and directors (if more than one) must be present to put a signature on the documents. Establishing a company takes place in the notary's office in the presence of a notary public and court interpreter. This is a main condition for establishing a company, if the founders are foreigners.

What you need to open the company in Croatia?

Founders or directors for establishing a company in Croatia must have a valid passport.

COMPANY NAME: Company name should be in the Croatian language or Latin. Company name should make sense. Therefore, we recommend that as a company name, use your first or last name, or a simple combination of words, it is better to come up with a few names.

ADDRESS: Company Registration recorded at the acquired property. Alternatively, company can be registered at an accountant, it is easier to conduct the affairs of the company.

Activities of the company: in Croatia it is better to indicate all activities that do not require special licenses.

AUTHORIZED CAPITAL OF THE COMPANY: The minimum capital of the company in Croatia - 20 000 kuna, which is about 2,700 euros. The authorized capital shall be paid in the national currency. The authorized capital of the company can be used for paying expenses.

If you are planning in the future to ask the Croatian residence permit, we would advise you to register a company with a registered capital of 210,000 kuna (about 28 000 euros). In order to avoid future unnecessary expenses to increase the authorized capital (a necessary condition for a residence permit under - investment in Croatia over 150 000 kuna).

Company Registration takes from two to five working week.

Once the company is registered by a notary you can proceed to the signing a preliminary contract of sale. Payment of property in Croatia is only in the national currency, with the expense of the company - from buyer to the seller. After full payment of the purchase price, the right to property must be registered in the Land Registry Department of Community Court based on the location of the property.

EXPENSES for buying property as legal person (company):

1. Purchase tax 3%

2. Lawyer 1%+VAT

3. Agency commission 3%

4. Expenditure on the establishment of the company from 1,000 euros + 20,000 kuna (2,700 Euros) authorized capital, which can be used.

5. Monthly cost for accounting from 150-200 euros per month.

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