Hotel for reconstruction in Šibenik. Investment possibility HSi-426

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Hotel for reconstruction in Šibenik. Investment possibility

ID: HSi-426

This realestate is sold as an investment in a reconstruction of a seaside hotel located in the center of Šibenik.

It is sold as 100% of the property in a firm that owns real estate and the land.


The realestate is described as a Hotel and office space in Šibenik, located in the zone of mixed-use development.

First floor is intended as an office or retail space, with a separate entrance to the elevator and a separate technical room of the hotel.

Second to the fourth floor is itended as 4-star hotel with  the hotel entrance on the second floor and all the bedrooms spread over the second, third, and fourth floor.

The fifth floor is intended as a hotel bar.

Because the realestate is located in the zone of mixed-use dvelopment, the project includes construction of a hotel zone and an office (commercial) premises on the land plot of 440 square meters.

The current building ratio is 100%, kig = 1.
The maximum height of the structure is 15.26 m. From the foundation line in its lower part.
The realestate has a covered terrace.
Number of floors 1 + 4.
The project provides for the reconstruction and completion of the existing facility. In the constructed part of the mixed purpose, the existing rules for construction on the land plot in relation to the boundaries of the plot and the building factor are maintained.
The existing building remains in the same shape, in its dimensions (except for the completion of floors), it adapts to the overall concept of the hotel, and the two floors that will be completed will be in a modern style, adapting to the part of the protected architecture of the city.
The existing building occupies the entire plot of land. The main facade and the entrance to the office / commercial premises are located in the north-western part of the building, and the main entrance to the hotel is in the south-eastern part.

A detailed description of the purpose of the building is an office / retail space and a 4 star hotel.
On the ground floor there is one entrance to the hotel and an office or commercial space that can be sold or leased (275 m2). On the south side there is an additional entrance to the hotel for employees and staff, a staff office and a storage room. The main entrance to the hotel is located in the south-eastern part of the building behind a joint courtyard with a music school.
The entrance to the reception desk has a corridor and a rest area. There is an elevator to the hotel floors behind the corridor. From the same space on the left side of the hall is supposed a wardrobe, bathrooms, technical rooms, kitchen. Also on the first floor there are additional technical rooms of the hotel from the south-west side.
The third and fourth floors are functionally the same, each floor has 10 rooms, two storage rooms and additional auxiliary spaces.
Additional spaces: office on the second floor, and on the third wardrobe and staff room.
Number of rooms: 24 double rooms, 2 single rooms and 3 suites (with kitchen).
The last floor has a covered and an open terrace. Elevator, bar and two technical rooms, as well as a closed technical room for air conditioners.

SITE AREA: 440,00 m²
BUILT-UP SITE AREA (under construction) 440,00m2
1. FLOOR: 440,00 x 1 = 440,00 m2
2. FLOOR: 440,00 x 1 = 440,00 m2
3. FLOOR: 410.76 x 1 = 410.76 m2
4. FLOOR: 398.10 x 1 = 398.10 m2


The price is 1 600 000 euros.


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