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Beach wedding in Croatia

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What about beach weddings in Croatia?

Maybe you are a couple who are just not into cities and popular venues and just want to have a relaxed beach wedding in Croatia. In that case, you are in a sort of trouble because in Croatia there are so many beautiful beaches that it is hard to choose the perfect one. At that point we as your wedding planners get in and try to help you to decide about possible places you like. If you will have more than a few guests, you will want a beach with good transportation connections (either by land or by sea) and a nice nearby restaurant. Luckily many Croatian beaches have amazing small restaurants (popular called ‘konoba‘) where you can have a delicious local meal. These kinds of places are common on Croatian islands.

What are the advantages of a wedding in Croatia?

1. The wedding will take place in a lavish atmosphere, your wedding photos and memories will be unforgettable! Your guests will be impressed.

2. The perfect time for a wedding in Croatia is in April, May, September and October - in the time out of the main tourist season when prices are much lower! There are not many tourists in the off-season. In April and May - spring, blooming Mediterranean flowers and plants, lots of greenery, sunny days. In September and October, the sea temperature is the same as in summer. Your guests can spend more time on the Adriatic coast. Enjoy the sea, nature, climate and clean air.


We want to remind you that the procedure for preparing the wedding takes time, especially when it comes to official weddings, so please contact us in advance. 

For more information, please contact Anita (head wedding planner) by e-mail: or whatsapp + 385 99 4222 924




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