Wedding in restaurant with amazing view of town Split Wedding in restaurant in town Split

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Wedding in restaurant with amazing view of town Split

ID: Wedding in restaurant in town Split


The great advantage of having a wedding celebration in Split – it is attractive in every season. You can organize your wedding in the fall, spring or summer, and in winter - the temperature in December and February: + 12-18, sun, sea, palm trees, the old town, beautiful waterfront, Diocletian's Palace - great scenery for unforgettable wedding photos!

Restaurant is located on the steep cliffs of the Adriatic that emerge from the sea just a short walk from the bustle of the city center. It has a unique Mediterranean terrace that stimulates all the senses, because in addition to the superb aromas and scents of selected fish and meat dishes with a touch of creative Mediterranean cuisine, it offers its guests a magical view through the agave of the nearby islands and the open sea that silently glides sailing boats.
In addition to the outdoor barbecue grill, they also have an enclosed section of the restaurant, which can also accommodate larger groups of guests.


Advantages of wedding in Croatia?

1. Wedding will be held in luxurious atmosphere, your wedding photos and memories will be unforgettable! Your guests will be impressed.

2. Perfect weather for having a wedding in Croatia: in April, May, September and October – in period of off-season when the prices are much lower then in high season!

During the low season there are not so many tourists. In April and May – spring time, Mediterranean flowers and plants bloom, sunny days. In September and October, sea temperatures is the same as in summer. Your guests can spend more time on the Adriatic coast. Enjoy the sea, nature, climate and clean air.



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