Split - Biševo - Hvar- Secret Bay - Split Split - Biševo - Hvar- Secret Bay - Split

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  • ID: Split - Biševo - Hvar- Secret Bay - Split
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Split - Biševo - Hvar- Secret Bay - Split

ID: Split - Biševo - Hvar- Secret Bay - Split

08:00 Meet at Split, detailed route plan with skipper (breakfast)

10:00 Biševo, Blue Cave exploring

11:30 Green Cave

12:00 Heading towards Pakleni Islands and Hvar

13:30 Stop in Hvar for a walkthrough and lunch

15:30 Secret bay for a swim

17:30 Gathering for return

19:00 Arrival back in Split


*All times are represented as estimations and can be adjusted according to your demands, boat type, weather conditions and in agreement with skipper.


Your 105 NM adventure would start in Split , the biggest town on Croatian coast with 1.700 years old history. But the main thing about Split, beside old city core, beautiful promenade, friendly people, great parties, beautiful nature, and more, it is about his temper, there is a reason why Emperor Diocletian choose exactly Split to be his relaxing place after a retirement. Old Romans found out something in Split, something we still enjoy 1.700 years latter. After departing from Split, not too early in the morning, and leaving the prettiest seaside in the world, behind you, you’ll head towards another Dalmatian proud which is Island of Hvar.

Right after your start to feel full potential of your motor boat you’ll come to Split Gates (Croatian: Splitska Vrata), 1.2 NM long strait between Brač Island and Island Šolta. After passing Split Gates you’ll get the opportunity to really experience what does your boat has to offer, whether it is comfort or speed, or both you are looking for. First destination will Island Biševo. It is a small island less than 4 nautical miles from Island of Vis. The biggest attraction on the island is the Blue Cave, protected national monument of Croatia, which invariably leaves a strong impression on visitors. Small cave entry will lead you into a completely new world you couldn’t even imagine. The unspoiled beauty of nature will give you back the freshness, energy and surely fill you with unforgettable memories.

Next place, which we labeled as “must see” is H var a nd tiny archipelago in front of it namedPakleni Islands. R ight after you head on from Blue Cave you’ll visit Green Cave on Island Ravnikand pass by small Robinson-ish Island Budikovac.

Hvar is considered to be one of ten most beautiful islands in the world, it is our longest and sunniest island! Hvar Town is a definite “must-see” and a major tourist destination in Croatia. The best way to explore all beauties this area can offer is to sail through it with a boat. This way you will be able to explore archipelago of Pakleni Islands and see Hvar Town. You’ll take a walkthrough the harbor town and be sure to sample some of the local wines and spirits, as well as fishand crustaceans, fished by Hvar fishermen. The cultural attractions of cosmopolitan Hvar town include the oldest municipal theater in Europe – Theater of Hvar, located in the Arsenal and the fortress of Fortica Španjola, a magnificent viewpoint, perched high atop the hill above the town ofHvar. After exploring Hvar town you’ll head back towards Split and explore how romantic can be to be a board a boat before sunset.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change;the realist adjusts the sails . ” -William A. Ward

Price:  from 765 € 

Price includes: Boat transportation with A. Mostes Venere 25 (7,25 m lenght), fuel, skipper, insurance, VAT

* Price depends on period, boat type and route.


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