Professional tuna fishing in November in beautiful Croatia Professional tuna fishing

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Professional tuna fishing in November in beautiful Croatia

ID: Professional tuna fishing

For all those fishing enthusiasts we are delightful to offer you a real fishing experience in Croatia. Your catch can become any type of Adriatic fish, of course, those who live in this area and for whom hunting is allowed, have taken the unavoidable tuna hunt.

Departure point is from Vodice, from where together with a professional skipper you sail to a place known for a large amount of tuna. Together with you, the skipper is oriented towards the ultimate positive result, sports and team-oriented, so that he will be with you at sea as much as possible and as long as you want until the goal is achieved. He will in every way try to help you catch your tuna, enjoy the exciting adrenaline rush, and take great photos to remember.

You can bring your fish with you, which is not prohibited. You can freely register the catch with the help of a skipper and take it with you. It's a reward that can surprise your wife in the kitchen with a fresh fish catch. The other half of the catch, by fishing rules, belongs to the skipper. Some of our tourists even knew how to take soy sauce and make fresh tuna sashimi on board a fishing boat.

After fishing, we will offer you a trip to one of the restaurants on this site, where you will have the opportunity to taste various seafood specialties of fresh fish or tuna caught near the restaurant.

This is a wonderful and exciting excursion to beautiful seaside locations with the possibility of sports excitement, and it will surely remain forever in your memory.


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