Wedding at St. Nicholas Fortress (2 days) Wedding at St. Nicholas Fortress

  • ID: Wedding at St. Nicholas Fortress
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Wedding at St. Nicholas Fortress (2 days)

ID: Wedding at St. Nicholas Fortress

This organization includes:

1. Accommodation in Solaris hotel 5* ( 2 nights)

2. Exclusive dinner in courses for 20 people

3. Marriage officiant and court interpreter

4. Flowers and decorations 

5. Photographer

6. Wedding Cake 


According to your desires we can add  in the offer:

• Beverages, music, make up and hairstyle, transfer, excursion trips, etc.



St. Nicholas’ Fortress - is located at the entrance to the St. Anthony Channel and was built in the middle of the 16th century as defense from Turkish attacks from the sea. It was built according to the designs of the Venetian military builder, Michele Sammichella. St. Nicholas’ Fortress (having a triangle shape) is one of the strongest forts on our coast.



Solaris hotels 5* - are located in the hart of Dalmatia, just 6 kilometres from Šibenik city center with it's famous cultural and historical UNESCO monuments.If you are searching for a dream holiday - you found one here for sure.The sand and pebble beach streches along 4 kilometers of coastline. 


The advantages of wedding in Croatia?

1. Wedding will be held in luxurious atmosphere, your wedding photos and memories will be unforgettable! Your guests will be impressed.

2. Perfect weather for having a wedding in Croatia: in April, May, September and October – in period of off-season when the prices are much lower then in high season!

During the low season there are not so many tourists. In April and May – spring time, Mediterranean flowers and plants bloom, sunny days. In September and October, sea temperatures is the same as in summer. Your guests can spend more time on the Adriatic coast. Enjoy the sea, nature, climate and clean air.



We want to remind you that the procedure for preparing the wedding takes time, so please contact us in advance. We reccommend  3-4 months before the event.

Information of the wedding procedure can be found on our website:

For more information, please contact us by e-mail:

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