Villa on island Ciovo in Okrug Donji VROk-432

  • Mieten from 230 €/day
  • ID: VROk-432
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  • 222 m2 Fläche des Objektes
  • 1000 m2 Fläche des Grundstücks
  • 200 m Entfernung vom Meer


  • 222 m2
  • 1000 m2
  • parking for 6 - 7 cars
  • ground floor + 1st floor
  • 7
  • 5
  • Yes
  • 2015
  • 200 m

Villa on island Ciovo in Okrug Donji

ID: VROk-432

Villa is situated in Okrug Donji, 11 km from Trogir (UNESCO protected medieval city), 35 km from Split that was created on the foundations of a roman imperial palace. In peaceful scenery surrounded by pine forest and olive trees, only 200 m from the sea and pebble beach, this Villa offers serenity and relaxation to everyone who seeks peace from the busy modern life. Individuals, couples and families can find a place under the sun next to the pool and children’s playground, and peace and enjoyment under the shade of one of the three gazebos.

Villa consists of three apartments; two on the ground floor, each of the size of 58 m2 with two bedrooms, each accommodate 4 people. One apartment has bathrooms with showers and one has a separate bathroom without a shower. On the first floor is a third apartment the size of a 100 m2  with three bedrooms, accommodate 6 people. There is also one bathroom with a shower and one with the bathtub. On each floor heading south there is a covered terrace (35 m2). 

Pool sized 32 m2 with 100 m2 of plateau offers enough space for all the guests. Game in the pool, floating on a mattress or swimming in the long run. It’s your choice for a good time.

Each apartment has a modern kitchen with the stove, oven and refrigerator with a freezer. In the living room there’s a TV with satellite reception. WiFi is available on the entire parcel. Pebble beach with a lot of shade is 200 m from the Villa.

Local store is only 2 minutes’ walk away, and shopping malls can be found in Trogir or towards Split.

Over a 1100 m2 surrounding the Villa offer a freedom for guests to relax with the view of green landscape and blue sea. The surrounding is safe for guests.

Near the Villa itself, inside the fenced area, it is possible to park up to 6 cars.



01.04.-30.04.2020. - 230 euro / day

01.05.-30.06.2020. - 330 euro / day

01.07.-31.08.2020. - 500 euro / day

01.09.-31.10.2020. - 330 euro / day

01.11.-31.12.2020. - 230 euro / day


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