Villa Heraclea in Hvar town VRHv-513

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  • ID: VRHv-513
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  • Open sea view
  • 2007 - 2009

Villa Heraclea in Hvar town

ID: VRHv-513

Villa Heraclea is located in the historical heart of the seaside town of Hvar. From its magnificent stone baroque balcony it captures breathtaking views of the Riva esplanade and the harbor beyond. Modern yachts and classic sailboats adorn the waterfront just meters away while Fortica, the 16th Century Fortress, protectively watches over this popular port of call and the surrounding Pakleni Islands.

The Villa was originally built in 1612, during the baroque period, when Venice exhibited a strong influence all along Adriatic. Today it is preserved as a heritage monument and is protected under Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. It was first owned by the well-known Stalio family as well as Marchi family, one of the oldest Italian families in Hvar. The Villa, along with the Gothic pool house and garden was fully renovated between 2007 and 2009, in strict accordance with the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

The property has a floor area of 450 m2 across three floors. Guests will enjoy 5 well-appointed luxury bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms for up to 10 people and a large open plan living area with a library, fireplace, kitchen and the dining room. For those looking to wind up or wind down, the lower ground floor opens up to wellness facilities and a wine cellar.

Just beyond the doors of the Villa, an expansive Mediterranean garden awaits, and is home to a variety of citrus trees, figs, lavender and rosemary bushes. In the garden you’ll find an old Gothic house with a heated pool that can be converted for outdoor or indoor use to suit your visit year-round.

Your stay at Villa Heraclea will grant you exclusive unfettered access to the cultural beauty of Hvar.



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