Residential Complex - Villas for sale VStr-965

  • Kaufen 475 000 €
  • ID: VStr-965
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  • 385 m2 Fläche des Objektes
  • 500 m Entfernung vom Meer


  • 385 m2
  • garage parking for 2 cars
  • south
  • basement + ground floor + 1st floor + superstructure
  • 4
  • 4+2
  • swimming pool in construction ( 30m2)
  • yes
  • 500 m

Residential Complex - Villas for sale

ID: VStr-965

The Viginti complex is located in Strožanac under the hill Perun near the city of Split. It’s characterized by exceptional lifesyle, with a focus on the beautiful views of the Split archipelago and calm environment enabled by rising to the sparsely wooded part of the hill. This experience is supplemented by proximity of various facilities such as beaches, golf course, market, marinas, school, church. Although isolated from the surrounding dense construction of Strožanac, complex achieves very fast communication with the mentioned facilities, as well as the city of Split, the highway and the airport due to high-quality fast road network.

Process of parcelling was conducted on the given location. The result of this process is the creation of 20 lands whose position and given conditions create an ideal climate for projects of individual villas or holiday houses, with suitable luxury, both for houses and the complex as whole.

20 newly established villas are spatially manifested through 10 semi-detached houses, whose position on the terrain and loose structure allows maximizing the potential of each land. In other words, great attention was paid to the realization of the beautiful vistas, insolation and privacy of future users. The implementation of access road is conducted and it obtains building permits with exact realisation expenses. The road includes a complete infrastructure for all 20 villas within the resort and its one-way character enables fluidity of movement through the complex, and further on to the access road.

One of the most important characteristics when choosing your villa is the possibility of picking between different spatial concepts of which this location is favorable. Although plasticity of villas through the whole complex mutually corresponds, thus creating meaningful entity, and adds a notion of the urban environment, each villa is approached individually and uses givens of its position to build its own character, and hence the adjective of uniqueness.

Villas 1-8 examine the possibility of complete, but also partial individual lifestyle by converting part of the space for turism purposes.The approach is based on the strict separation of daily and intimate rooms between the floors. Entrance area, living room and kitchen, as well as a garage are situated on the ground floor and communicate directly with the terrain around, highlighting the mediterranean way of “outside” living. 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms,and joint balcony ideal for enjoying the view occupy first floor.

Villas 9-14 use configuration of the terrain in order to separate themself from the access road, and also to make contact with the forest area of hill Perun, which acts as a beautiful backdrop not only for them, but for the whole complex. The separation is made by designing the garage on the level of the acess road, above which housing units are formed. The first occupies the ground floor, thus benefiting from the usage of the entire field area. Dispositon within allows designing 2 or 3 bedrooms with en suite bathroom. The second unit implements first and second floor with a large terrace ideal for enjoying the perfect vistas and the islands.

Villas 15-20 combine previous concepts. That is best seen from the preliminary design of villas 17 and 18.


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