Consultations with wedding planner Consultations with wedding planner

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Consultations with wedding planner

ID: Consultations with wedding planner

Hi! We are so excited to begin working with you on your dream wedding. This small cost opens a big door to a lot of dreaming, planning, and possibility. Producing the wedding of your dreams can be an overwhelming task and that's where we come in! 

Consultations with wedding planners are ideal for those brides and grooms who are planning their own wedding but they need some advice with part of their wedding in Croatia,  help with some details or help with some special project.

We recommend wedding consultations if you have some dilemmas in the wedding planning process so your wedding would be flawless.

Price per hour: 30 Euro

Make an appointment for a consultation with the wedding planner via:

whatsapp: +385 99 4222 924 (Anita) 




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